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Pro-competition golf practice may cause great tension and stress. Therefore, it can create chronic muscle aches and pains, but if treated at the right time, it will avoid future injuries. In this case, the Deep Tissue Massage is highly recommended.

The Deep Tissue Massage Therapy is mainly focused in providing relaxation. It applies firm pressure on the deepest layers of the muscle tissue in order to  break down contracted areas ‘knots’. These symptoms arise due to stress, postural problems, lack of rest, over exercise or a sedentary lifestyle.

During the massage the therapist will identify the bands of pain and rigid tissue areas in order to apply different techniques an pressures. These will diminish the pain and allow the patient to recover the normal functionality and motion range or their muscles.

The Deep Tissue Massage heals the contracted areas of the body. The most common treatment areas are: neck, back and low back.

Which are the benefits of the Deep Tissue Massage?

  • Activation of the lymph and blood circulation, removing toxins and provides oxygen to the tissues.
  • Release endorphins.
  • Improvement of the nervous system functions.
  • Headaches & Migrane.
  • Removal of dead skin cells.
  • Relaxation and improvement of insomnia related to stress.
  • Reduction of fatigue.
  • Elasticity and mobility to muscles and tissues.
  • Booster the immune system.

Playing golf may cause a strong muscle overload in certain areas such as neck, arms, back and lower back. A preparatory and tonifying massage before practicing golf and a relaxing one after the stress placed upon the body will help you improve your performance.

The effectiveness of a good massage lies on the experience of the therapist. David Casado Medina has more than twenty years experience in manual therapies.

We offer massages at home in Sotogrande, your holiday home, office and yacht on a very flexible basis.

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