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Massages for surfers at home: Windguru in Tarifa

Windguru in Tarifa - Massages for surfers at home

Massages are basic for surf and kite surf lovers in order to relax the areas which suffer from the extreme exercise at the sea and intensity of the winds.

Windguru in Tarifa is the most accurate web page check the wind and weather conditions to practice these type of sports. It shows us the Beaufort scale, an empirical measure that relates wind speed to observed conditions at sea. Its full name is the Beaufort wind forcescale.

Practicing sports under these intense weather conditions and for a long period of time may cause muscle fatigue or overload, specially on our back, arms and legs.

Windguru Massages will work on the lower back area

Windguru Massages will work on the lower back area to strengthen it to avoid potential injuries.

Whenever we jump or land on the surf or kite surf board our lower back muscles must support all the motion impact, reason why we must work on these muscles by applying specific massages.

The following workouts are deeply recommended:

  1. We lay down leaving our back and legs making a L shape or right angle. We then place our hands on our lower back and pull our upper body up until it is completely straight.
  2. Secondly, we lower our upper body down and up again in very slow and smooth movements.
  3. Repeat this exercise 5 times in 2 sets.

This type of sports requiere great muscle power and balance. The main goal of the 60- 90 minutes Winduru Massages in Tarifa is to improve your physical conditions by working on the muscle overloaded areas such as legs, back and arms.

This therapy starts with a gentle warm up and ends by stretching the treated area in order to release the lower back. Due to extreme weather conditions when practicing these sports, a regular massage therapy is highly recommended to avoid major injuries. This is the main reason why we haver developed specific massage therapies for these Windguru Tarifa sport lovers.

Surf and kite surf have become the new olympic sports in Tokio 2020.

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