A wide selection that sum up different types of massages at home to heal, depending on individual needs of each person, provided in the whole province of Malaga and Cádiz. Quiromassage, Osteopathy and Naturology. Sports, therapeutic and holistic massage. Reflexology.

Suction cup therapy: The therapy with suction cups is also called “cupping” and consists in applying suction cups – in general made of glass or plastic – on the patient’s body and creating a vacuum effect to suck the skin and part of the muscle, opening pores and stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation. Supporters of cupping consider that it is the best method to open body meridians that are the ducts through which energy flows. This is why this alternative therapy works similar to the acupuncture.


Technique used in suction cup massage:

Once the vacuum is being created and the suction cup has been placed on the patient’s skin, it will be slided from one side to the other to produce a massage effect (previously oil has been applied to improve the cup’s slipping), that stimulates blood and lymph circulation, which is very useful to eliminate toxins.

Technique used in Tuina massage (Traditional Chinese medicin):

The Tuina massage is a deep and active massage that consists in performing movements with the hands on the body’s surface in particular and specific areas or key points. This represents a lot of benefits for the body because this technique is based on the general principles, in other words, stimulate the Xu and disperse the Shi, stimulate anti-pathogenic properties and eliminate the pathogen, readjust the balance between Yin and Yang and regain the circulatory harmony of Qi and Xue.


Well performed acupressure, based on traditional Chinese medicine, can balance the corporal Qi and this will alleviate pains like allergy, constipation, muscle aches, headaches, anxiety, stress, sickness or cough… It is about pressure sensitive points to alleviate pain and discomfort. Sometimes it is something we do naturally and this is why we call it instinctive. When we suffer muscle pain, or first impulse is to rub it, touch it knead it or pressure directly the pain’s focus.

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The deactivation of trigger points through hammer, acupuncture needles and foot reflexology.  Trigger points are hyper-irritable areas in the muscle mass. When palpating, they show up rigid and cause pain, they limit the stretching capability of the muscle and weak it, without suffering from atrophy or neurological deficits, although they can alter the proprioceptive sensitivity, in other words, the capability of the nervous system to locate the position of the muscles and thus moving them correctly.


If it’s pressured, different things happen. First of all this point hurts intensely without much application of force. The tight band convulses when its trigger point is pressed. But the most astonishing thing is that it also causes pain in relatively far situated areas; this is called “referred pain” and every muscle follows a characteristic pattern that, curiously, does not not respond to any segmented distribution, nor to pathways of the nervous system. This referred pain can be very disconcerting when looking for a cause if you do not consider trigger points.

When they are pressed moderately during a continued lapse of time, the pain appears or increases.

Trigger points cause referral pain in:

SternocleidomastoidHead, MasseterHead, jaw o dental, TemporalHead, face or dental TrapezeOccipital, temporal, high back, shoulder, jaw elevator of scapulaBack, neck ScalenoBack, arm, hand SupraspineArm, shoulder InfraspineScapula, arm DeltoidFace side of the shoulder BrachiorradialisForearm, hand SupinatorElbow, like a epitrocleitis, large femoral externKnee shinbone, back of the foot long Peronaeus, calf and ankles, instep, buttock sacro, cheek thigh, squared, lumbar backside, intercostal side and back, PsoasLumbar side, groinMassage circulatory.

The circulatory massage is a technique, which is intended to activate blood and lymph supply by improving the cellular exchange. When body fluids are moved, the benefits are on the one hand, that nutrients are delivered better to cells and on the other hand that toxins reach organs and nodes which eliminate them.

This technique consists in mobilize body liquids, acting directly on blood and lymph vessels and indirectly on neuromotor endings. This procedure will improve the functioning of the heart muscle and will intensify blood distribution from inner organs to muscles and skin. As a result, the body temperature will be increased and this will warm up tissues, preventing circulatory injuries.

Lymphatic drainage:

The manual lymphatic drainage is a technique of massage therapy that is part of physical therapy and aesthetics. One as a technique of the therapeutic massage and the other one of the aesthetic massage, both are orientated to activate the functioning of the superficial lymphatic system to improve the elimination of crevice fluid and of big molecules and help to evacuate them.

lymphatic drainage

The pressotherapy is a treatment technique that consist in applying positive pressure on certain tissues, which causes an effect similar to a massage that can be useful to improve the lymphatic drainage and venous circulation. Therefore we use elasto-compression boots: This are compression devices that are used to treat lymphedema (obstruction of the lymphatic canals of the human organism) of lower extremities.



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