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Disable trigger points with massages in Marbella

Massages in Marbella to disable trigger points

Now in Marbella you may enjoy of our personalized massage services at your home, office, yacht, hotel or holiday home. Our therapy focuses on the correct balance between mind and body.

We apply different types of massages depending on the specific muscular skeletal injuries, pains, stress, anxiety, etc. that our patience is facing. We frequently find muscles contraction, also known as myofascial syndrome or trigger points,

What do we know about the pain or muscle contraction?

How do we deactivate these trigger points?

Currently it has been shown that it is possible to deactivate triggers points applying alternative relaxation methods and techniques (cold and hot therapy, ultrasound, stretching exercises, etc.) All of which are proven to be very effective if applied in the correct way on contracted area.

After years of experience and personal development, I discovered that, with this method, consisting in pressuring the epicenter of the knot or trigger point, we manage to free a huge amount of pain, deactivating the knot or tigger point.

From the very first massage in Marbella the pain will disappear, the muscular tension will ease, recovering the affected area and the motion range in a very short period of time. In this therapy we use comfortable and effective working tools in order to achieve the deactivation of the contacted area or trigger point: deactivation trigger point hammer, acupuncture needles and cupping glasses to apply a dry puncture.

Doctors Travell and Simons describe the trigger points as small knots that take place on the muscle tender bands caused by a contracture.  Each knot might have the appearance of a chickpea or green pea which is buried deeply inside the muscle.

A trigger point weakens the muscle and increases the muscular rigidity. Besides, it keeps the muscle fibers of which he is part of. Additionally, these stiff muscle bands create strong apply an important tension on the muscles and can frequently damage the surrounding joints. This tension affects the fibers that were the root of the trigger point and that block the blood circulation.

As a result, the accumulation of toxins and the deprivation of oxygen and necessary nutrients for the proper running of the muscle may make the trigger points last for months, or even years, unless we treat treating it.  It becomes like a never-ending cycle that feeds itself and which we have to stop in order to  fully cure.

The activation of the trigger points also produces pain in other parts of the body. This pain is called Reflex Pain.

Marbella Massage´s therapies will warranty an immediate improvement in your health and the vanishing of muscular aches and tensions.

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