Masajes a domicilio El Palmar y Tarifa


Massages at home in El Palmar, a unique service

We offer our home massage service all the way from El Palmar to Tarifa which will let you enjoy a complete session of quiromassage to deal with pains and muscular loads, caused by practicing windsurf, snowboard, skysurf… We will mainly work your back but also your neck, legs and offer you personalized treatments to deepen localized areas with manual techniques. We prepare you for windsurf and skysurf competitions but also for surf holidays.

Home massages from El Palmar to Tarifa – Massages at home

A professional team, specialized in massages and quiromassages with innovative therapies. At Massages at home we offer Cupping massages, Tuina massages to correct the balance of Yin and Yang, acupressure, deactivation of trigger points, preparation of sportsmen and sportswomen and much more.

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