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Massages at home in Marbella. Professionals

We offer massages at your holiday home, hotel, office or yachts.

The word ‘Chiropractic' means ‘Massage with hands’ or 'manual massage’ and it is frequently used to differentiate it from other therapies which use electric, or other machines or mechanical other instruments. Different techniques will be applied depending on the main goal we want to achieve with the massage.

In the Chiropractic massage we carry out a preliminary make use of an examination method (by soft tissue manipulation using the perceptive palpation) and manual treatments which are applied directly to the surface of our body and supported by the mechanical pressure of the hands. This massage reaches the different organs and tissues of our body delivering amazing healing effects over pain, physical energy, state of mind, fatigue and in our overall mental condition.

Once the treatment and purpose of the massage is determined at your home we are able to achieve remarkable effects that will unveil direct actions over our body.

Over the centuries the benefits of massages have been  acknowledged used, not only for the most simplest objectives such as relaxation and sleeping, but also for more complex ones such as healing specific areas of our bodies.

Outlined below you may find some of the main beneficial effects of the Chiropractic massage

Mechanical: It refers to the movement motion work that the body performs and affects your tissues.

Physiological and Hygienic: This technique is applied to a healthy person in order to provide extra energy. It will also help help by releasing tiredness after practicing physical exercise, gentle sports, or spending time at the sauna, Turkish bath, steam room, etc.

Preventive: Technique used when the chiropractic examines the patient manually in order to find a muscle cramp or a potential injury. In this case a combination of treatments is used. With the help of massages together with appropriate set of physical exercises the patient will feel the healed and these beneficial effects will last longer. We here find some of the of main roles of a chiropractic:

Care - prevent, address and keep the bodyfoster health

Therapeutic: Massage therapy therapy is used to improve the circulatory system, lessen pain, regain range of motion within the injured tissues as well as optimizing sensorial awareness. Massages, will then become a therapeutic performance, bringing relaxation, wellbeing and health support to patients.

Aesthetic and Hygienic: When our skin receives pressure and movement it causes a mechanical dragging or cleanliness, removing all the epithelial flaking cells. This is when the chiro-pratical massage helps to improve the external appearance of the patient, removing fat lumps from their body recovering their muscle tone and reducing their tiredness. When reducing the fatigue on a healthy patient the hygienic goals are met and the aesthetic benefits of the massage achieved.

Sports Massage: Massage applied before, during and after practicing exercise in a pro-competitive manner. This therapy is focused  in getting the muscle toned and prepared to maximize their efficiency.

Psychological and Emotional: The experienced hands of the therapist will provide calm, security and comfort to the patient. It will bring relaxation, emotional balance and ease the psychological stress.

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