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Eliminate muscle pain with our massages in El Palmar

One of the most common muscular pains that we have to treat daily is back pain. They occur for many reasons, and for many activities that we do every day: bad posture when walking, working seated for several hours in a row, lifting weight by bending your back...

If you already suffer from these pains, the best solution to alleviate them is to call our masseur David Casado Medina. He is a professional masseur, with many years of experience, who provides massages at home in El Palmar. It has portable material that adapts to the size of any room, and among which are a stretcher, an infrared lamp, creams and oils, acupuncture needles, etc..

In order to avoid this type of pain in the future, we will give you some advice that you can do and not suffer the consequences of back pain.

Tips to avoid back pain in your daily life in El Palmar

Once you have received the massage with our masseur at home in El Palmar, it is important that you do not get back pain again. To do this, you can do the following:

  1. Practice a sport such as yoga or pilates to strengthen your muscles and keep your spine in its correct position.
  2. Buy an ergonomic chair if you work sitting, and try to move and stand up every half hour. It is not advisable to stay in the same position for the 8 hours of work.
  3. Don't wear high heels every day, because what they do is shift all your weight forward and change the posture of your whole body.
  4. If you are under a lot of stress, this can cause severe back pain. Try to relax and meditate in those moments, to eliminate negative emotions.

Count on our massage services in El Palmar with David Casado

Stop suffering from muscular pains and contact David Casado to enjoy the best massages at home in El Palmar and the best treatments for the back, head, legs, etc.. We have a very wide schedule that you can check on our website, and if you join a group of friends or family, we will give you special discounts.

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