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Relaxation with a massage in Estepona

Massage in Estepona. Balances body and soul

The energy of our body flows in our multiple energy channels. Along these, we find acupressure points that represent energetic areas. According to the Tuina massage, illnesses are the result of the imbalance and blockages of these energetic points. This energetic massage applies direct pressure on these acupressure points. The Estepona massage is applied to the whole body, from head to toes using natural essence oils and supported by music and aromatherapy.

Estepona massage is an holistic therapy in which you will reach fulfillment, due to the relaxation of body and soul. Etymologically, ’Holistic’ comes from the Greek word ‘holos’ and means ‘whole’, ‘everything’. This is the reason why with the Estepona massage you will achieve the uniqueness marriage between body and mind as a whole.

The Estepona massage frees your inner mental and physical blockages. It provides relax and stimulation reaching interesting beneficial results for physical and mental wellbeing. It reduces stress, our major health threat nowadays.

Professionals massages in Estepona

Massages in Estepona activates our blood circulation, relaxes or muscles giving them more oxygen and, therefore, re-invigorating our health and skin.

The techniques we use when developing a Estepona massage or chiropractic massage, are those in which we use different maneuvers in order to improve the physical and energetic balance. As a result we reach preventiveness, hygiene and harmony for body and soul.

The main goal of the Estepona massage is to reduce stress and anxiety levels improving our energy, our concentration and our daily decision making work.

When we free ourselves from the muscle stiffness and we calm the nervous system, we will improve our postures, it will help us get to sleep and it will also activate our inmune system. It is the perfect massage for any part of our body, but it is specially recommended for the back, neck, hands, arms, legs, midriff and head.

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