Masaje a domicilio en Cancelada


Massages at home is a professional home massages company, providing them in Cancelada too and cabable to perform a set of techniques and therapies that are highly beneficious for bodily health, given that they redice stress levels, muscular fatigue and eliminate/prevent contractures for passive patients and those who are active and do sports on a reguar basis. This is why we dedicate all our efforts to prepare and maintain the health of sports teams.

Home massage in Cancelada – Hotel Doña Matilde

We have a calm and pleasant space in our consultation of Hotel Doña Matilde.

Location of massage services in Cancelada

Carretera A-7, Km 165, calle Revuelta, 10, 29688 Cancelada, Málaga. In addition we provide our massage service in Cancelada’s estates.

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