Masajes a domicilio en Sancti Petri


Massages at home is a company dedicated to massages and quiromassages at home, offering our services in the province of Malaga but also in the province of Cádiz.

Massage services and quiromassages at home in Sacti Petri

Our mission is to offer a complete and professional service for all our customers, moving with our equipment to the required place and offering rehabilitating therapies that provide health, since they are designed to prevent excessive muscular loads, alleviate stress and body tension.

Massages at home in Sancti Petri – A professional and different service

We offer professional massage and quiromassage services at your home and also in Hotel Sancti Petri, ensuring total relax of the body regarding any sign of stress or after workout, for example after a golf session.

Our service is aimed at both, visitors which chose this wonderful city to spend their holidays and companies or those who need to prepare themselves for competitions.

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