Masajes a domicilio en Estepona


At Massages at home we are dedicated to provide home massages in Estepona, performing a great set of professional techniques and treatments, aimed to alleviate stress that is caused on daily basis, tiredness and muscular fatigue for those who do sports and those who need particular techniques.

Home massages in Estepona – Try us

At Massages at home we provide a broad range of different massages and quiromassages, but what really differentiates us and makes us unique is that we move to the place we are needed with our whole equipment, being capable to provide a comfortable service that really works.

Quiromassage and exclusive therapies in Estepona

This is why we provide quiromassage and alternative therapies with the best professional team. The treatments can last one hour, an hour and a half or two hours at your domicile, hotel, office or boat.

Masaje a domicilio en Cancelada


Massages at home is a professional home massages company, providing them in Cancelada too and cabable to perform a set of techniques and therapies that are highly beneficious for bodily health, given that they redice stress levels, muscular fatigue and eliminate/prevent contractures for passive patients and those who are active and do sports on a reguar basis. This is why we dedicate all our efforts to prepare and maintain the health of sports teams.

Home massage in Cancelada – Hotel Doña Matilde

We have a calm and pleasant space in our consultation of Hotel Doña Matilde.

Location of massage services in Cancelada

Carretera A-7, Km 165, calle Revuelta, 10, 29688 Cancelada, Málaga. In addition we provide our massage service in Cancelada’s estates.

Bienvenido a Massages at home


Welcome to Massages at home, a company composed by a highly experienced professional home massage and quiromassage team

Anti-stress massage – Automatic relief and muscular relax

The anti-stress massage alleviates emotional stress and releases muscular tension due to the rise of blood circulation and the elimination of accumulated waste of the bloodstream. Regarding to the circulatory system, it reduces the heart rate and decreases blood pressure. The person will feel a calming sensation and tranquillity.

Welcome to Massages at home – Our services

All our treatments last one hour or an hour and a half. Two hour sessions can be performed too. We have a portable equipment: Massage table, disposable cover sheets, infrared lamp, TENS (Trancutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), oils, lotions, acupuncture needles, etc.

Masajes a domicilio en Sancti Petri


Massages at home is a company dedicated to massages and quiromassages at home, offering our services in the province of Malaga but also in the province of Cádiz.

Massage services and quiromassages at home in Sacti Petri

Our mission is to offer a complete and professional service for all our customers, moving with our equipment to the required place and offering rehabilitating therapies that provide health, since they are designed to prevent excessive muscular loads, alleviate stress and body tension.

Massages at home in Sancti Petri – A professional and different service

We offer professional massage and quiromassage services at your home and also in Hotel Sancti Petri, ensuring total relax of the body regarding any sign of stress or after workout, for example after a golf session.

Our service is aimed at both, visitors which chose this wonderful city to spend their holidays and companies or those who need to prepare themselves for competitions.

Masajes a domicilio en Conil


Massages at home in Conil – An exclusive service

Massages at home is a professional masseurs and quiromasseurs team with home visits in Malaga and Cádiz.

Get rid of stress with massages and quiromassages in Conil

Given that each day there are more responsibilities and obligations that our bodies feel, causing excessive muscular loads, back pains and referred pains, at Massages at home we would like to offer you a comfortable service that can help any patient without having to move from their place. 

Massages at home in Conil – Enjoy your holidays

Conil is a city that is visited every year by a large number of tourists who want to enjoy the wonderful sun, its people, its spectacular beaches and its surroundings, but even if this gaditan town has many benefits for every single of its visitors and inhabitants, this will not make disappear muscular pains. This is why Massages at home provides its home massage therapy services in Conil, to offer a professional and personalized service that will put an end to any kind of muscular pain, stress that is caused because of diary responsibilities and muscle fatigue. This will let you enjoy your pleasant vacations at the beach.

Masajes a domicilio El Palmar y Tarifa


Massages at home in El Palmar, a unique service

We offer our home massage service all the way from El Palmar to Tarifa which will let you enjoy a complete session of quiromassage to deal with pains and muscular loads, caused by practicing windsurf, snowboard, skysurf… We will mainly work your back but also your neck, legs and offer you personalized treatments to deepen localized areas with manual techniques. We prepare you for windsurf and skysurf competitions but also for surf holidays.

Home massages from El Palmar to Tarifa – Massages at home

A professional team, specialized in massages and quiromassages with innovative therapies. At Massages at home we offer Cupping massages, Tuina massages to correct the balance of Yin and Yang, acupressure, deactivation of trigger points, preparation of sportsmen and sportswomen and much more.


Unloading massage of the upper back. Trapezius muscle.

Massage to unload the Trapezius muscle

At Massages at home we would like to show you an explaining and informative video about how to unload the trapezius muscle that is located at the upper part of your back.

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